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Office Quick Access Toolbar Tips

Many people who use Office do not use the Quick Access Toolbar.  Instead they muddle around looking for that sometimes used button on the Office Ribbons. 

There are several useful icons that can be added to the Quick Access bar (QA Bar), like "Quick Print" or "New" simply by using the dropdown at the right of the QA Bar.  If you want to add these two items here is how to do it:

Click the dropdown at the right of the QA Bar:

From the resulting dropdown, choose "Quick Print".  This will add the "Quick Print" to the QA Bar.  Repeat the process to add the "New" button.  The resulting QA Bar should look like this:

From now on, when you want to just print the current document, you may simply click the Quick Print button on the QA Bar and the document will print.  When you want to start a New document, simply click the New button on the QA Bar and a New Document will be started for you.

Now, how about those often used Time Matters add-in buttons.  If you have Time Matters installed correctly, you will have a Time Matters tab in Word.

These buttons that appear on the Time Matters tab can be added to the QA Bar for easier access -- Here's How:

Click the dropdown on the QA Bar and go to More Commands.  In the "Choose Commands From" drop down, select Time Matters Tab.  From there, you should see the available Time Matters Tab buttons.  Add "Time Matters Save" by highlighting it and clicking the Add button. The same can be done for "Time Matters - Open TMDocument" and "Time Matters Insider."  Do not add "Enable Automatic TMSave" or the "Time Matters" entries to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Once you have added the buttons that what, click OK and the TM Save button will appear on the Quick Access toolbar.

Simple, yes!  If you have any questions about this process please contact me.

Mark Spengler.