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Time Matters and Windows 10

The latest version of Time Matters (Time Matters/Billing Matters 15.1 and later) is fully compatible with Windows.  This is great news considering the fact that all new computers starting right about now (October 2016) will ship with Windows 10 by default.  Windows 7 may be available from some vendors through the end of the year, but my recommendation is to get Windows 10 on all new computers going forward. My reasoning is this: (1) Windows 7 is at the end of its life and will not be fully supported over the expected lifetime of a new computer purchased today; and (2) new software coming out over the next few years may not support Windows 7.

For my Time Matters users, Windows 10 (especially Windows 10 installed fresh or at the factory, as opposed to an upgrade of Windows 7 or 8.1) may not function as expected when interacting with other programs. The two programs that I have had the most trouble with are WordPerfect and various "utility" programs, most importantly Windows Photo Viewer and the new Photos App that comes with Windows 10.  The rest of this post is devoted to the Photo Viewer problem, I discuss the WordPerfect issue in another post.

Why is Photo Viewer a problem in Windows 10?  If you save .JPG or .BMP files through TIme Matters, there is no Windows link that can open these files directly from Time Matters if Windows 10 is installed fresh.  There are certain registry keys that are not created during a fresh install of Windows 10 that ordinarily would allow a .jpg file to be opened from Time Matters.  If you upgraded from earlier versions of Windows this is not generally a problem because the registry keys are not deleted during the upgrade process.  They are not, however, created during a fresh or factory install.

The result is that image files other than .tiff or .tif cannot be opened from Time Matters running in a fresh install of Windows 10.  This is fixable, but it requires a registry hack.  Once the reg hack is applied, Photo Viewer will be restored to its old status and can be assigned to image files as the default viewer.

Please contact me if you are not comfortable with reg hacking.  My contact is available on the web site at the top - Just click Contact and send me a quick note with your call back info and I will be happy to help you with this.  I will give you a 50% discount from my usually consulting fee.  Just mention this offer when I call you.  You will also be eligible for a 10% discount for 60 days on any consulting work that my firm does for you after the initial contact.

If you are intrepid enough to want to do this yourself, go to CNET for the how to.  Here is the Link:  

I hope this helps with your document links.

Mark Spengler.