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Swansea, IL USA

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Computer Counselor, Inc. was founded to provide law firms and other professional offices with reliable, trustworthy and complete technology services and practice management consulting.  Computer Counselor, Inc. is your Information Technology department that you out-source on an as needed basis.

Background and Accomplishments

Mark P. Spengler, President

Mark Spengler

Mark Spengler


14 years practicing law –        Unlike most technology advisers, I have a complete background in the practice of law.  I have practiced municipal law most recently, but I have extensive experience in personal injury and worker’s compensation as well.  This background allows me to better analyze your needs and determine what will work best for your firm.


22 years IT experience  –         Prior to forming Computer Counselor, Inc., I was a lawyer for a medium sized firm.  In this position, I was given the unique opportunity to hone my technical skills by installing and maintaining all of the computers, servers, network devices and related software and other technology.


Microsoft Certified  –         I have earned MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) status.  This status is granted after passing a certification examination and proves that I have the credentials needed to tackle the computer problems that you face.


Time Matters® CIC –         As a Time Matters® Advanced CIC, I can tailor a custom installation of the very popular and technically acclaimed Time Matters® and Billing Matters ® law office automation package.

Listing of Experiences

1. Time Matters / Billing Matters docket/calendar and case management and billing system.

2. Abacus Calendar/Docket Control Software

3. Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003/2008/2012 Server

4. Windows 95/98/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win 7/Win8 clients

5. Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) – NT and 2000/2003/2008 versions

a. Microsoft Exchange Server – e-mail/collaboration

b. Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 – Firewall/Shared Internet Access

c. Microsoft Outlook 2000/2003/2010/2013 – e-mail/calendar/contact manager

d. Other SBS components – FAX/SQL/File and Print Sharing

6. SQL Server (all current versions)

7. Internet and e-mail sub-systems/Web presence and Service Providers

8. DSL/Cable modem

9. Laser printers/color printers/Network Printer sharing/Document Replication products

10. OCR, Scanning and “paper-less” solutions


11. Complete Computer systems/Upgrade computer systems

12. Back-up/RAID and system redundancy products

13. Cloud Storage and Backup systems

14.  Accounting and Time/Billing systems

15.  Remote Access systems – Terminal Server / Remote logon

16.  Speech recognition systems for voice transcription/dictation

17.  Document automation – Form creation

18.  Data import/export

19.  Full text Data mining systems for archiving documents

20.  Discovery automation

21.  Cell Phone / Tablet sync

22.  Word Processing – WordPerfect and Word / Office 365

23.  Worker’s Compensation form management and creation

24.  Human Resources management – Employee tracking

25.  Hardware and Software Firewalls/System Security

John O. Spengler, MIS Consultant

John Spengler

John Spengler


Graduate of SIUe Business Program --     Earned a bachelor of Science Degree in Management and Information Systems (MIS). During the program I was exposed to a wide range of technology skills, focused in programming and database design and management.


5 years customer service experience --       I have spent the last 5 years working in retail services, including time spent as a GeekSquad Agent. There I took care of clients, diagnosing and resolving technology issues in a wide range of consumer electronics and software.


Database Design --      I designed the logical database in Access for a final group project in which we were tasked with improving tracking of orders, costs and billing for a fictitious construction company.


Listing of Experiences

10. Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010/2013 

a. Excel

b. OneNote (applicable Versions)

c. Powerpoint

11. Database Systems

a.Microsoft Access

b. SAP

c. SQL

d. Time Matters

12. Programming Languages

a. C++

b. Java

c. Visual Basic

1. Microsoft Windows 2008/20012 Server

2. Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/WIN 7/Win 8/8.1 clients

3. DSL/Cable modem

4. Laser printers/color printers/Network Printer sharing/Document Replication products

5. Complete Computer systems/Upgrade computer systems

6. Cloud Storage and Backup systems

7. Data import/export

8. Cell Phone / Tablet sync

9.  Word Processing – WordPerfect and Word / Office 365