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Computer Counselor, Inc. was founded to provide law firms and other professional offices with reliable, trustworthy and complete technology services and practice management consulting.  Computer Counselor, Inc. is your Information Technology department that you out-source on an as needed basis.

Here are a few quotes from satisfied clients of CC, Inc.  The first comes from a prominent local lawyer who has been a long time user of Time Matters and recently added Billing Matters:

"In our practice, detailed time tracking and prompt billing of the clients is of paramount importance.  We had been using Time Slips for many years, and recently decided to have our entire network and software systems analyzed by Mark Spengler of CC, Inc.  Mark took a look at our hardware, server and network and reassured us that, at least mechanically, we had a sound and operational network.  He recommended installation of a new network run to the server closet to improve performance, and a replacement and relocation of our wireless access point.  He also recommended that we replace a few aging workstations and the server.  Mark and John handled everything to our great satisfaction.  The work was done promptly and with minimal disruption to our office processes.  He also came in on budget.  We are all very happy with the new hardware, software and the training that was provided.  

"In evaluating our software, Mark looked at several different options, including some "cloud" options. Because we had been using Time Matters for many years, he recommended - and we decided - to upgrade to the latest version of Time Matters and add Billing Matters to replace our antiquated version of Time Slips.  With the integration of Time Matters and Billing Matters all of the attorneys can now enter and track their own time -  and even add expenses.  The convenience of directly creating a bill item in the case management program recommended by Mark is an enormous time saver - and has probably paid for itself many times over since our Time Matters upgrade. Mark also was able to add some customizations to our existing Time Matters to make using the product far more productive.

"Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Mark was able to move our email and calendar system to a hosted environment so that all members of the firm can now access their emails and calendars on their cellular phones.  This system is fully integrated with Time Matters and makes scheduling while away from the office much easier. Overall, Mark and John handled everything to our great satisfaction. My office is very pleased with the work provided by CC, Inc."

-- Fred Keck, Weilmuenster and Keck, P.C.

Next, a long time user of Time Matters tells of a recent project to streamline deadline tracking:

"We have used Time Matters for many years.  Over that period of time many changes and customizations have been done by Mark Spengler at CC, Inc.  He can evaluate a need and setup Time Matters to help us satisfy that need.  Recently we were having some issues with tracking litigation deadlines.  Mark was able to evaluate our workflow and design a system in Time Matters to help us better track deadlines and work assignments associated with those deadlines.  It is a big time saver and makes our pre-trial preparation much more efficient."

-- Andrew O'Brien, O'Brien Law Firm, P.C.